This bedroom before is dark and dated. More importantly, it garners a lower nightly rental price.

After designs by Ambience Air  the room is light, and airy, with  timeless style and luxury for short term guests,

Ambience Air, in coordination with Ambience Staging Designs, is transforming how Short Term Vacation Rentals are being created and presented. 

Ambience Air can coordinate the initial setup of your short term vacation rental, or help remix the existing space.  An onsite visit to your rental space will begin the process. 

Whether you have furnishings already in place, or are starting with a blank slate, Ambience Air can transform this potential income opportunity into an income producing resource, Ambience Air will work with you to produce a desirable rental space that presents well online, as well as when your guests arrive in person.

Dormer in the upstairs seems too small for vacation rental space. 

Ambience Air

This space easily becomes relaxing, contemporary TV/Living area.