Steps to Sales Preparation

There is more to home selling than listing with an agent. Take a moment to review the following list. These are essential homestaging tips to help you during the selling process.
Pre-pack all non-essential or seasonal items.Allow potential buyers to focus on your house, not your stuff. 
Reduce items in closets by 1/3 to 1/2.
Pack and store all collections (clocks, books, albums, CDs/DVDs, stamps, coins, rocks, Barbies, Star Wars, etc.)
Thoroughly clean your house, including windows.
Clear off kitchen and bathroom counters.
Neutralize. Remove family photos, knick-knacks, and other personal decor items.
Remove extra furniture. You are selling square footage--make the most of every inch.
Update circa specific decor. There are numerous simple and inexpensive fixes to modernize nearly any property.
Attend to repairs. Properties that appear to have been well cared for are perceived as needing fewer repairs in the future.
Maintain your home's exterior. Buyers won't be impressed with your home's interior if they don't get out of their car.

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