Property Prioritizing

Staging can help you decide what projects do, and don't, need to be done.  Not certain where to begin?  Start with Ambience Staging Designs. 

updating and repair

Don't assume that a buyer will look past your tastes, your style, your stuff. ..or the circa 1970's vinyl. Buyers see what you show them. Updating, painting, and repairs are important. Don't spend money on the wrong improvements, or overlook things prospective buyers won't.

occupied home staging

...assists the seller to prepare for the showing processes while they continue living in their home. Whether reorganizing, redesigning, or adding strategic pieces to augment existing decor, Ambience Staging Designs will work with you to maximize your home's benefits and your staging budget. 

vacant home staging

...for empty, non-occupied properties. Ambience Staging Designs can provide select room, or whole house staging. Furnishings, art, and accessories provide the necessary components to transform empty rooms into functional, inviting--and most importantly-- memorable spaces.